Magical Child Charm

crashkillsvinceThe Lumberyard

The mystical Magical Child store in the Lumberyard Shopping Center is throwing a huge birthday bash to celebrate its 20 year anniversary on June 7th, 2016! The theme of the … Read More

Salty Sweet Savory Spices Galore

crashkillsvinceThe Lumberyard

It’s difficult to walk into Savory Spice Shop Encinitas and walk out empty-handed. There is such a huge array of beautifully displayed herbs, spices, seeds, condiments, cookbooks and more to … Read More

Glitter and Glamour in the Lumberyard

crashkillsvinceThe Lumberyard

deepFLING jewelry store goes beyond the norm by offering an exquisite collection of Scandinavian-imported jewelry and local artistic creations. Located in the Lumberyard Shopping Center, the store’s pristine white decor … Read More

The Best Encinitas Farmers Market

crashkillsvinceFarmers Market

The Encinitas Station Farmers Market conveniently located above Pacific Station Shopping Center is a phenomenal resource for organic produce and artisanal gourmet food products. My favorites include Asana Foods, Chocolatl, … Read More