Interview with Chef Matt Gordon

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Chef Q & A

EFF: Where did you grow up?

MG: Los Angeles and Scottsdale AZ

EFF: What is your favorite food memory?

MG: An eye opening meal at Gramercy tavern many years ago

EFF: When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

MG: haven’t actually decided that yet!

EFF: Who was your career mentor?

MG: A fine chef named Mark Stark. among many others

EFF: Where were you trained and was it difficult?

MG: I didn’t got culinary school, but worked in many types of restaurants to round out my self-guided on the job training.. i learned from the many chefs and managers that i worked with over the years.. now i learn as much from my many employees.

EFF: What inspires your cooking?

MG: simple approach to adding layers of flavor.. listen to what the food wants to be.. season properly

EFF: What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

MG: I don’t use alot of gadgets..but a sharp knife is most important

EFF: What is your best advice for the home cook enthusiast?

MG: follow a recipe til you’ve got the dish down.. then tweak it and start to expiriment

EFF: What is your funniest kitchen incident?

MG: not fit for print 🙂

EFF: What are your favorite foods to cook with?

MG: i like to use a lot of fresh herbs, i like to find foods that have a back story.. a meaning and reason to be on our menu.. how were they grown or caught.. by who.. why do they choose to do it.. I like to cook with food like that.

EFF: What do you love most about your job?

MG: the freedom to go in any direction i want (as long as my wife agrees!)

EFF: What is the most difficult part of your job?

MG: see previous question

EFF: Who do you most admire in the food world?

MG: the people who start as dishwashers and bussers..and move their way up

EFF: What sustainable practices do you incorporate into the operation of the restaurant?

MG: too many to list!

EFF: What do you cook at home and what is the must have ingredient in your fridge?

MG: I am not home that often so it’s usually breakfast i cook at home.. or a simple roasted chicken with tortillas and taco fixin’s..  i eat alot of eggs and love tea so we always have eggs, tea and milk at home if nothing else

EFF: What is the next big thing in the food world?

MG: i don’t really follow what the trends are so i have no idea

EFF: What’s your favorite local restaurant?

MG: it would be unkind of me to leave ppl out so i plead the 5th

EFF: Where do you hang out and what do you do for fun in San Diego?

MG: I work alot and don’t take alot of days off so when i can my family and i will leave town as often as possible and travel..  though lately my kids are starting to do fun kid things.. i spent alot of time at the little league field this spring..and enjoyed it immensely.

EFF: If tomorrow your career as a chef ended, what would you do? another career?

MG: I have bought and remodeled a couple of homes in the past, and really had a good time doing the remodels.. i would proabably try and do that

EFF: What would be your last meal on earth?

MG: pancakes with my family at home

EFF: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

MG: I listen to music just about 24 hours a day.. obsessed