Jimmy & Enrique at Foodie Fest 2016




Jimmy and Enrique bill themselves as having an International flair as they incorporate Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Calypso, Salsa and Brazilian into their compositions.

What is the most interesting place that you’ve ever performed?
Definitely the most interesting place we performed was at the Boyaca International Music Festival in Colombia. We did two concerts and both were sold out. More than 1000 people came to each concert.

What are some of your favorites spots to perform in San Diego?
This is a hard question because we love every place we perform, every place has it’s own magic, so we play different styles and songs in each one. But we love to perform at: Bernardo Winery, Cocina Del Charro, Vintana, Vinz, Casa Estrella and Fresco.

Who inspires you?
Jimmy.-My family, they bring the best in me.

Enrique.- My daughters, everyday they do or say something that brings joy to my soul and inspire me.

What’s your favorite food?
We love sushi and seafood.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
We are always working, lol!!

Jimmy.- likes hiking, wine tasting, and hanging out with my son.

Enrique.-likes to go to the beach, spend time with his daughters, watch a movie or simply enjoy his house.